Our Plan

What will it look like?

Together, we will empower and restore lives in the rhythm of Jesus

How will we do it?

We will be a co-operative community that offers opportunities to serve one another, improve our neighborhood, and discover the love of Jesus.

What do we most deeply believe in?

Living life and viewing each other as Jesus does.

Creating a safe space to grow.

Working together in all things.

Always making room for more people to get involved.

The Basics

Build relationships 

We will build relationships with people, share weekly meals together, and live life together.

Create a safe space

We will create a safe space to be used as a community gathering space for ongoing relationship, growth, and transformation.

Identify strengths and gifts

We will invest time identifying the strengths, gifts, and purposes Christ has given to each of us.

Impact our families and community

We will find ways to meaningfully contribute to each other and the community.

Experience transformation and restoration

Empowered by our new identities in Christ and His work through us, we will experience transformation and restoration in ourselves, our families, and our community.