When living intentionally, or alertly, our goal is to identify where God is already moving, and to have the courage to get involved. As we take these steps, we need you and your help!

Community Meals

Recognizing a person's innate worth, given by Jesus, is the basis of the Exchange. Relationship is essential to cultivating that recognition. We consider community meals to be foundational to relationship building.

The Exchange is working to provide regular community meals, which will be central to so much of what we do, and central to how accomplish living side by side with people for the kingdom and new life in Christ. Costs include groceries, paper products, and utensils.


We are currently working at securing a location to build this co-operative community.  Pray for courage, wisdom, and provision as we take this big step!  

Costs include payment for the building, utilities, insurance, and equipment.  We are on the lookout for recreational equipment such as foosball tables, air hockey tables, basketball hoops, etc. to help make the Exchange a friendly and welcoming place to stop by!